Fake Wedding

Golem will present a show called “Golem Gets Married” on March 23, 2017, at the East Village venue, Drom. Golem will put on a “fake Jewish wedding,” complete with bride, groom, chuppah, and of course a rocking simcha set and hora and tons of amazing music – our originals, Jewish standards, and our “Golemized” rock covers, from James Brown to the Rolling Stones to the Meters to Van Halen, and everything in between. There will even be a real wedding cake! This performance is a rare opportunity to get to see what Golem does at an actual wedding, while having a crazy good time and without the angst of all your relatives in front of you.

Fake weddings are actually an old Catskills tradition. At the Jewish Catskill mountain hotels, the end of the summer season would always be celebrated with a “mock wedding” on Labor Day weekend. Everyone would dress up and there would be a mockceremony under a chuppah with a fake rabbi and a bride and groom in drag. Pretty wild for the 1950s! The vibe was carnivalesque – up was down and down was up, and a big party ensues, bringing the summer to an end. “Golem Gets Married” is a chance for us to perform our vast repertoire of covers mixed with our own music: something we rarely get to do in a performance. Joining us on guitar, as he does at most weddings we play, is the extraordinary musician, Brandon Seabrook.

With Brandon, we take the covers and standards we play to a whole new level. We encourage wedding “guests” to dress up, as for a wedding, and let yourself be swept up in the intense, emotionally moving, artistically thrilling, wild party that is the Golem wedding.

Fake Jewish wedding